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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the materials used on my shoes safe?
All products that are used in the cleaning/restoration process are 100% safe to use on any material whether its suede, nubuck, leather, or anything else. RFK’s cleaning and restoration process will be specific to each sneaker. However, all cleanings and restorations will be done by a sneaker care professional, in-house, in Brooklyn (in our first pick up /drop off location; Lucky Laced). All shows will be cleaned or restored by hand. We make sure that we put the right amount of tlc into each pair.

How long does it each restoration or cleaning take?
A typical order will take three to five days and rushed orders will be available for an extra fee. Any re-glues or re-dyes will take at least a week. Please remember, it’s a process and we want perfection.
How much does it cost?
The price of each job will vary based on the condition of the shoes.


Basic cleaning of shoe exterior. Removal of scuffs, minor scratches, stones and stains.

reVIVE: Includes reFresh services and interior & exterior cleaning. Deodorizing, minor paint touch ups, gum removal, grass/ mud stains, and deep scuffs. Suede cleaning is included as well.

reSTORE: Includes reVive services, lace swap, sole swap, a full repaint, and replacement parts (if necessary).

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